Kammute service

Kammute Bus / Car Rental Service:

  • Car Rental Services for Corporate Executives
  • Modern technologies with a wide range of cars in the fleet
  • well-trained chauffeurs to drive to their destination
  • Spot Rentals / Hotel Travel Services (Long Term Hire)
  • 24 x 7 Travel Desk for Periodic Network Bookings
  • Complete Fleet Management

Employee Pickup Bus / Car Rental

Say goodbye to inefficient, time-consuming expensing

Easily define how your people ride via an all-in-one dashboard

Create a Kammute program that will help your employees get to and from work with ease (Bus or Cars).

Innovatively scale business ground travel as needs become more complex.

Employee app, Driver app, Web portal for Company Admin / Travel Desk, Supervisor app to manage his site, etc.